Target Pricing

Product Design:

ARC Textile and apparel designers possess an acute visual sensibility gained through interaction with leading aesthetic, social and technical experts. ARC Merchandising and Home Textile Design, staff have a strong foundation in fabric construction and analysis, and in the development of textile products to meet the need of upcoming fashions and affordability. We work closely with you to undesrtand the functional and aesthetics requirements of your customers and work jointly to come up with product and design inovations that meet your expectations at minimum cost.

Process selection:

Often the same product characteristics can be obtained from different processing steps. In many situations you end up paying more just because you have overspecified the product or included performance parameters not exactly necessary for the intended use of the fabric or product. We at ARC endeavor to understand the usage of product, the legal as well as functional requirements and the best processing options and route to meet them. Our Process Design team is trained to utilize contemporary advances inntechnology to bring you products with required features at reasonable cost and, at the same time, more profits for you.